The Weltkloster strives to fulfill the need for dialog and peacebuilding in the world today. We have been encouraged to seek new paths in the face of global political, economic and social challenges and the knowledge that mutual dependence is an intrinsic part of life. We want to experiment, confident in the knowledge that dialog is always possible and boundaries can be a starting point.

Mindfulness towards individuals, creation and ourselves is the principle which guides us. We welcome anyone who wishes to support and accompany us on this journey.


Prof. Dr. Adel Theodor Khoury speaking with students

The Weltkloster is a safe space for encounters between different religions, world views and cultures. We want to express our hopes for a peaceful future here, acknowledge our needs and fears, and cooperate respectfully with one another.

Humanity faces problems which can no longer be solved locally within the bounds of a particular culture, religion or country. We need responsible attitudes which shape our conduct in business, politics and society.

The Weltkloster views itself as one of the many cells from which an awareness of the necessary changes in thought and deed can spring. This is the aim of our educational program, which includes lectures, seminars and meditation sessions (German program); we also host interfaith prayers for peace once a month.

We look to the universal language of music, the visual arts and literature to provide additional impetus for our work. Exposure to a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds aids mutual understanding and facilitates, invigorates and deepens dialog.


Monchs in the room of silence

Encounters based on shared inner experiences play an important role here. Such encounters are encouraged and cultivated through the presentation and practice of authentic forms of meditation and contemplation. We believe that this path towards an inwardness which helps us view world affairs within a larger framework of reality is essential for breaking down barriers and approaching one another.

To ensure a continual spiritual exchange, the former Capuchin monastery provides the space for a quasi-monastic interfaith Weltkloster community which guests may temporarily join in order to participate in the project.

With its binding yet hospitably open structure, the Weltkloster community wants to make it possible to experience a spirituality which can be incorporated into everyday life. In this way, the power and visionary potential of different religious traditions can be released and used to deal with current world affairs – since the path inward correlates to the path outward.

In addition to local activities, the Weltkloster is establishing an extensive supporting network of professionally and personally dedicated individuals and institutions working towards the same goals.