Weltkloster concept

Interfaith retreat for the 21st century

The Weltkloster provides a space for the interreligious dialog which we believe is essential to world peace in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Global Ethic project. It is also a place for carefully exploring differences and tensions between various religious traditions and for returning to authentic sources.

Encounters between world religions

The purpose of the Weltkloster is not to establish a unified or new world religion. Instead, through dialog, the connecting and distinguishing aspects of all religions should lead to encounters and mutual inspiration. The world’s religions have developed their own inimitable wisdom over the course of millennia. Mystic and contemplative traditions lead to a deeper experience of the world and the development of a fundamental confidence which makes ethical action possible. In the Weltkloster, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and other major religious communities meet and inspire one another.

Encounters between cultures

People are often not aware of the extent to which their actions are shaped by their culture.

Through direct encounters, the Weltkloster offers the opportunity to reflect on one’s own cultural background and develop an ability to engage in dialog which crosses cultural and religious boundaries.

Identity formed through dialog

Dialog and identity are not contradictions, they are dependent on one other. The Weltkloster wants to examine the visions and values which have emerged from our religions and cultures for thousands of years in order to enable a differentiated discussion shaped by mutual respect. The acceptance of diversity and difference is the foundation for a willingness to experiment and change. When viewed in this way, an identity shaped through dialog is sustainable for the future because it is not a static construct – instead, it is formed by external influences and impressions.

Every individual is accorded a singular dignity and value. By viewing oneself as a citizen of the world, everyone – regardless of their background, character, role or special abilities – makes a significant contribution to the development of our world.