An oasis between worlds.
A future built on tradition.

Central location on Lake Constance

Photo: © Muzani Husni

The Weltkloster is located on the grounds of the historic monastery in Radolfzell on Lake Constance. The founder of Radolfzell, Bishop Radolf of Verona, brought relics of the martyrs Theopontus, Synesius and Zeno to the city. The veneration of its patron saints led Radolfzell to become a pilgrimage site. Between 1625 and 1627, a small Capuchin monastery was built in front of the city gate now known as the Obertor (“upper gate”). The monastery existed in its original form until the early 19th century. After changing hands several times, what remained of the building was finally acquired by the city in 1987.

The special atmosphere of the site – on the shores of Lake Constance, easily accessible by car or public transportation – makes it the ideal location for contemplation and interaction. Spectacularly situated in the natural paradise at the western end of Lake Constance and close to the Mettnau therapy center which is known throughout Germany, as well as to the World Heritage Site of Reichenau Island and the university town of Konstanz, the Weltkloster represents centuries of spiritual traditions which reach into the present day.